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Bruce Dunlap has been hand painting on apparel and textiles for 35 years.  Each garment is hand painted on the front and the back so the wearer looks terrific coming or going.   There is no silk screening or stenciling in the process.  All images are painted freestyle with no two pieces are ever exactly the same.  The textile paint used is colorfast and looks great wash after wash.


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Abstract Polo Shirt S-Xl  $58


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V-Neck Dragonfly Shirt S-Xl  $50


Custom Logo Designer - Billy Aloha

    Men's Shirt $90.00

Custom embellish denim jacket with cowhide and lamskin fringe and flowers and metal work.  For custom leather and jean work on jackets, shirts, skirts, and jeans - Schedule HERE

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Poncho Designer - Steven Nash

Black lambskin poncho with antique nickel and brass stud work $425

Silver metallic on black lambskin poncho $325