Summertime Style

What to wear for the warm weather!  I want to help you with this, you might have it already in your closet, or you need just to add a couple of new items to pull it all together.

The three elements that are important:




 You want to look for fabric that has movement & stretch also that will breath. Find a style that suits your body type and shows some skin.  Could just be a shoulder or your legs just enough to make you feel sexy and that your not completely covered up in the summer.

In the picture that  I will be posting I'm wearing a  "Sexy Poncho" and very light weight printed roll down pants.  It has all the elements, plus I can take the pieces and use them for other items in my closet.  I feel great when I go out and so very comfortable!

If you have any questions or need advice on what goes together in your closest, you can send us pictures and we will be happy to guide you .

We are here to help you and design for you, thats what we love to do...........