What is fashion? What is a trend? Will it go out of style?

You don't need to worry about any of it - it's all in the attitude and if it's right for you.  When you wear a item of clothing or accessories, how does it make you feel, and does it fit into your lifestyle and wardrobe .  

That's what we love to do here at V&G - we open up the dialogue.  Let's talk about what you'd like in your wardrobe.  We'll give you tips & suggestions in the shop but also through our blog. 

You can send us pictures and we'll help you decide how to put it together or create an accessory that makes that outfit your favorite.  CLICK HERE to schedule your first appointment.

Here's an example:  Below you'll see that I'm wearing jeans that were becoming too distressed for me to wear... so, what's the solution?  We designed a great leather patch with studding and now they're my favorite pair.  Is it in fashion, it is for me... Be able to to say YES about everything you wear.

We'll give you very helpful tips and customize your fashion...   Gayle & Steven